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BUSTED SingLE (as feat. on CBS S.W.A.T.)





With a name like 'Bowie', you'd kinda think that a career in music would be a foregone conclusion for DJ/singer/songwriter, Bowie Jane.

But not so - Bowie's been doing the whole

‘superhero’ thing - living a complete double existence - and all unbeknownst to her work colleagues. By day, a mild-manner criminal trial attorney, but by night secretly a fully- fledged musician, performing five to six nights a week and secretly courting an electric DJ Singer Songwriter Producer Career in the house and tech house scene.

Her recent hit “Busted” (of which she co wrote, produced and sung) premiered on CBS prime time TV show “SWAT” and steadily rose up the Billboard Club Charts to 21. The UK followed suit and Busted became Bowie’s first top ten hit in the UK hitting no. 7. This is her fourth top 20 song in the UK Club Charts.

Bowie is a strong songwriter and vocalist and has worked with numerous writer’s and producers around the world including writer’s in Sweden, London, LA and Nashville as well as working with the Cube Guys, Glovibes, 7th Heaven, Superstylers and many more.

Her story captured the world’s interest with TV, radio and press attention worldwide including the Daily Mail UK, Daily Express, NBC News, Reuters, the Star, London Metro, National Nine News and the Today TV Show with her charting hits across Europe and the UK in the club charts. She received radio airplay on 74 stations across the UK including the BBC. 

Bowie is an experienced performer having performed at thousands of venues around the world including F1 Grand Prix, Dodgers Stadium, Millennium Stadium Wales, H Club Hollywood (opening for Paul Oakenfold), the Australian Open Tennis Championships, Yost Theater, the Abbey West Hollywood, Le Jardin, Liaison, Sky Bar and Homeland festival London. 

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Paul Oakenfold and Bowie Jane
Paul Oakenfold and Bowie Jane

Paul Oakenfold and Bowie Jane

Paul Oakenfold, Bowie Jane
Paul Oakenfold, Bowie Jane

DJ Bowie Jane opening for DJ Paul Oakenfold in Los Angeles